Kind words

what others say about working with me

Of course, you’re not the first one considering to work with me. Read below what a collaboration has brought to others.


Kind words

what others say about working with me

Of course, you’re not the first one considering to work with me. Read below what a collaboration has brought to others.

As a product based company who had grown quickly, in our 5th year of business we found ourselves with 9 employees, many retailers, many projects and very much struggling with both communication as well as centralised knowledge. So much of the whole team’s week would be spent chasing other members for more information, and so many mistakes were made due to a lack of transparency on which projects were going on. 

Danniek started working with us in June 2023, and in that time I can honestly say the business has totally transformed. The amount of emails sent and questions asked has basically been decimated, and our weekly project meeting always keeps everyone up to date with what is going on and who needs to be involved. Danniek has also been incredibly patient and supportive to the whole team while onboarding us onto a central project management tool (ClickUp), and has ensured that every member fully understands and has good reason to use it.

I would recommend her services 100%, to any company that is starting to grow and needs to get ahead of all the systems that need to be in place before expansion. I wish we had hired her years ago, it would have saved us a lot of time and a lot of mistakes!”

“Before I started working with Danniek, I encountered the problem that I had no overview at all that needed to be done and whether my team had done things. So, I wanted to gain more insight into this and to have things more automated so I would spend only little time on certain tasks. Since I started to work with Danniek, I have a helicopter view of my company and I no longer spend time on micro tasks. I would definitely recommend working with Danniek. She is very energetic and also thinks strategically about what your company needs.

“Before I started working with Danniek, all the processes within my company were in my head. Nothing was put on paper, which made me feel like I was constantly playing catch-up. I also found outsourcing to be a hassle because explaining it all to someone would take up more time, so doing it myself seemed easier. I had structured my company in a way where I was indispensable in almost every aspect. I consistently ran out of time and did almost everything myself. To be honest, I somewhat liked it (read: slight control freak), but with the growth of my business, it was no longer practical. I had really hit my limit.

How Danniek helped me was by first mapping out all the processes within my company and writing them down completely. That process provided a lot of insight into my day-to-day business, allowing us to streamline certain things immediately. It also helped identify specific tasks I could delegate, so I could work more from my zone of genius and better serve my clients.

The result for me is that I no longer have to fulfill all the roles within my company on a daily basis; I can truly be the CEO of my company. I now have time to work on my business, which has led to not only the growth of my company but also personal growth as a human being and, consequently, as an entrepreneur. I would definitely recommend Danniek’s services, especially to creative entrepreneurs, visionaries, and pioneers. From my own experience, I know that creative entrepreneurs need the space to create, and that’s not possible if you’re constantly going from one to-do to another every day.”

“My company couldn’t keep up with the speed of my growth, and I needed more structure and regulation. In Danniek, I found the person I could trust to put the ideas in my head to a plan on paper and implement them into my business, allowing me to keep growing and to make optimizations.

And we did. I’m so happy to have you on my team; you truly feel indispensable. This has brought me more peace and a better flow. Every growing entrepreneur needs a Danniek 😉.

“Always busy, no realistic planning, procrastinating tasks, no time to work on my business, and endless to-do lists. Danniek has helped me tremendously to gain more insight into the processes within my company and the chaos in my head. By asking the right questions and identifying the pain points, she created an incredibly useful Trello board that aligns perfectly with me and my business. She’s exceptionally skilled at breaking down the whole and seeing your business with a sharp, bird’s-eye view. And it has brought me so much!

It helps me focus, get much more done, and spend much less time on recurring tasks. And most importantly, I can once again make time for my family without that stressed feeling. I’ve noticed that I can easily break down my work into smaller steps, so I no longer feel overwhelmed.

This brings a lot of peace to my mind and makes me much more creative. It’s incredibly rewarding! I can recommend working with her to everyone, especially creative entrepreneurs who are filled with exciting plans and ideas but never seem to get to them. Because after working with Danniek, those plans will finally become a reality! And in a highly structured way, so your mind can roam freely in the creative realm.”

“Danniek has been incredibly helpful in bringing structure into my launch process. Working backward from a big project, breaking it down to the very first action and setting a deadline for it has been extremely valuable for me. From there, I could work easily and be highly effective with my time.

“In the blink of an eye I grew my business from being a one-woman show, to working with a complete team. Super exciting of course! And at the same time quite stressful too. Because: how am I going to stay on top of the helicopter view? And how do I ensure that my team and I work together in an efficient and clear way? The first 2 months were very intense: I tried everything to apply focus and structure, while at the same time I felt completely overrun by the success of my own biz. 

That’s why I decided to do a 1:1 Live Day with Danniek, in which we zoomed out of my business(es) and my life altogether, to get on top of the high-over oversight again. The day resulted in a lot of new insights and an immediate feeling of inner-peace. Danniek translated all the input into three amazing Trello boards – one CEO board for me, a Content board, and one board to work in with the team – in which all tasks, timelines and responsibilities are being set-out very clearly. So, now every team member knows exactly what is expected from them and when. I would recommend working with Danniek to anyone who feels stuck in her/ his business!”

“The reason I started working with Danniek is because I had multiple projects that I wanted to implement, but I didn’t want to do this on my own. I longed for implementing them as efficiently as possible, without burning myself out in the process, and without being concerned with peripheral matters all the time. What really sparks my joy is sketching the bigger picture, and letting that be leading for the implementation process. At the time of writing this testimonial, we’re in the midst of the project implementation, and I can tell that feel very very relaxed. I notice that what’s requested from me is mainly to be guiding in the bigger picture and vision, what I like most, with the result of increased project quality and for me to experience more fun and inner-peace in the midst of it all.

I would recommend Danniek’s services to entrepreneurs that want to increase the efficiency within their business and/or have projects to be implemented. The ones that desire to be busy with setting out their vision, and want to get rid of all the operational tasks that currently take up a lot of head-space and energy. Allow yourself a Danniek by your side! Believe me: that makes your business so much easier. And with that, more profitable too, because you’re enabled to set course from a visionary level (instead of operational level). In my view this is one of the most important criteria to keep growing as an entrepreneur.”

“I got to know Danniek through a collaboration with one of my customers. Her way of working is very clear and structured. And, because I would like to further develop my own skills in 2023 I immediately planned a call with her! Sometimes I miss the overview and find it difficult to maintain the helicopter view in working with my customers. Zooming out, establishing overview, and automating tasks are things Danniek is an expert at. During our call she gave me an enormous amount of tips and practical hands-on tricks that I can immediately apply. As a bonus she made an instruction video for Trello that I can use as a backbone. I would definitely recommend a collaboration with Danniek! Even if you are, just like me, an already structured person by nature, it’s still very valuable!

Working with Danniek was a party! I was able to experience an 1:1  live day to get the messiness of ideas in my head concrete. Well, that worked! The mess in my head was already pretty clear beforehand; I just didn’t realize it. The collaboration with Danniek gave me the insight that I already have everything inside me and that it’s time to take action. My target group is clear, the vision is sharp, my mission feels pure, and my offer is complete. Now it’s time for action and get started with Danniek’s Trello board. Oh and btw, the live day’s location was beautiful (hello, rabbits and nature!) And as a cherry on top, a fully catered lunch.The day was a gift to myself. Thank you, sweet Danniek for who you are.”

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- Carly, Somatic

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- Bregje, Negotiation

“I had a 2-Day 1:1 Retreat with Danniek in Lisbon, because I had all these ideas in my head and a difficulty to grasp the true core of it all. On the first day we brainstormed about all these ideas, about what truly matters to me, and what my qualities are. Danniek really made me think and the puzzle pieces slowly started fitting together. On the second day we made a further deepdive into my vision and brought it to life on paper. Danniek knew how to ask all the right questions in order to ensure my vision became crystal clear and that I got a practical translation into the next steps for me to take. When you find yourself stuck in all the ideas within your head, and do not know where to start to implement them, I would definitely recommend you to get in touch with Danniek. She will ensure you get loads of inspiration, new insights, and a concrete concept with implementation roadmap to take the next steps!”

“I know exactly what the next-level of my business looks like, but there’s a lot of work to be done to realize it. My creative brain goes crazy when thinking of planning and deadlines. That’s why I couldn’t always see the wood for the trees anymore. By sharing all my plans and ideas with Danniek, knowing she would help me to structure them in Notion, I immediately got more head-space. The overview and structure of all my plans and projects in Notion is very valuable in working together with my VA. The fact that everything that only existed in my own head before, is now structured in a tool, results in being able to share clear process descriptions with my team. I would definitely recommend working with Danniek to entrepreneurs that know where they want to go and what they need to do, and would like to structure this all and plot it against time!”

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