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Build a strong system to skyrocket your business growth in 4 simple steps!

So you can reinvest that time into focusing on your business growth or rolling out new creative ideas instead! Goodbye overwhelm, and hello joy!

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Build a strong system to skyrocket your business growth in 4 simple steps!

The results ...

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I followed the ClickUp mini-training and I was very impressed with the way in which Danniek educated in this training. She explained everything in so much detail, without making the videos too long. It was easy to follow and she teached me how to use this totally new platform for me. I managed to set up a whole foundation that works for me within my ClickUp system very fast, and everything feels more organized to manage my team. This, already after only following the mini-training, so I can’t wait to follow the full online course and learn even more from Danniek! Definitely recommend if you want to bring more structure in your business and team with ClickUp!”

Tell me, does this sound familiar to you?

You have ever heard of ClickUp, it rings a bell, but if you are being very honest you feel the thought creeping in: “another system, that’s not gonna work for me, let’s just leave it”…

After all, you are already busy enough, facing an exploding inbox and a million questions a day and are often picking up ad-hoc tasks that cross your daily path, to keep the business running. 

Somewhere deep down inside of you, you KNOW that at one point something has to change for your business to reach its full potential, and for you not to burn out in the midst of it all. Because that’s not the vision you started your business with in the first place!

You are struggling with questions such as: 

  • How are you going to stay on top of the helicopter view while growing your biz further?
  • On top of all the ongoing and recurring processes in your business that enhance future growth
  • And how can you ensure your (future) team and yourself work together in an efficient and clear way? 
  • How are you going to make sure your business supports your business growth in every possible way? 

Well, I am glad you are here! Because this ClickUp Mini-Training is going to help you answer EXACTLY those questions, while you save time and skyrocket your business growth further from a place of ease, time, and headspace!

The Reviews

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What to expect in this clickup mini-training:

Small changes, huge results

Hi, i'm Danniek

Entrepreneur, visionair, project implementation geek, systems expert, and out-of-the-box thinker. I work with high-achieving CEOs and solopreneurs by helping them to build out self-managing teams and strong and solid systems that free-up their valuable time while growing their business further from a place of ease and headspace.

I am here to bring you no-bullshit knowledge and experience to set-up a strong business system & a self-managing (future) team that helps you skyrocket your business growth while you free-up time. With years of experience as an entrepreneur and as a  project manager for big multinationals, using various tools and systems, I know like no other what it takes to successfully implement a big vision, build a self-managing team, and meet ambitious milestones. 

In this Mini-Training I’ll share my knowledge with you on how to build a system that works FOR you, your business, and your team in 4 simple steps. Freeing up tons of your valuable time as a business owner, that you can reinvest that time into focusing on your business growth or rolling out new creative ideas instead! 

So, if you’re ready – let’s light the match and go?!

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what others say ...

“Wow, this is supposed to be a mini-training?! ‘Not-so-mini’ training would be a better name 😄 I loved it! I allready knew Clickup, but it was pretty overwhelming to me. So many options and I didn’t know where to start. The training is the perfect walkthrough and you can set your own account up as you go. Not overwhelming at all! And Danniek’s template pack is an awesome addition to building your own custom system and streamlining your business. I also love Danniek’s enthousiastic way of teaching😄 Even as a solopreneur, with no team, I think I’m switching from Trello to Clickup! If you’re not sure about what Clickup can do for your business, I really recommend you to take part in this mini-training! You’ll love it”

“I know exactly what the next-level of my business looks like, but there’s a lot of work to be done to realize it. My creative brain goes crazy when thinking of planning and deadlines. That’s why I couldn’t always see the wood for the trees anymore. By sharing all my plans and ideas with Danniek, knowing she would help me to structure them in a strong system that works for me and my business, I immediately got more head-space.

The overview and structure of all my plans and projects is very valuable in working together with my VA. The fact that everything that only existed in my own head before, is now structured in a tool, results in being able to share clear process descriptions with my team. I would definitely recommend working with Danniek to entrepreneurs that know where they want to go and what they need to do, and would like to structure this all and plot it against time!”

Frequently asked questions:

No you do not need a paid ClickUp Plan. It is possible to execute a lot of the functionalities explained in this training on a free plan. 

As a former project manager and entrepreneur I have worked with a lot of different tools, to think of Trello, Asana, Notion etc. However, none of them could fully meet all of the needs I cherish for a strong system to be able to work with a team with, until I came across ClickUp! In my expert opinion ClickUp is the most extensive tool so far when it comes to the tons of customization possibilities they offer to make the system fit to your specific businesses needs, and the variety of integrations they offer to bring other tools you might be using to one central place. In addition, ClickUp offers a great deal of automation opportunities within the system itself and to external apps, such as synching and automating your email and calendar for example. I would say ClickUp, for me, is the best of all worlds combined!

No you don’t! You will learn everything you need to know for a smooth start and fast results within this mini-training! 🥳

Yes, absolutely! During the training I will show you multiple examples of how you can make ClickUp work FOR you and your business. To think of how to create your own list/ board, implement it, and set-up different views, such as Gantt or Kanban to achieve results FAST…  🚀 

What I often see happening is that business owners start using a tool such as ClickUp, and start adding in as many tasks as possible with as many colors as possible to distuingish between projects or workflows. Consequently, they onboard the team and the team starts adding in their own tasks with their own color-coding system. No wonder it turns into a chaos and you lose oversight!

Within this mini-training I will teach you the essential foundation on how to use ClickUp in a way that is organized, streamlined and still feels intuitive. Ultimately, the system needs to enable future business growth instead of blocking it! Once you understand how to use ClickUp in an organized way suiting your businesses needs, it will feel like a piece of cake, I promise.

ClickUp can be used by a very wide variety of entrepreneurs! This mini-training is for business owners that recently started working with a team, or know that building their own team is a next step to take. They want to learn how to efficiently and effectively manage the team, while growing their business and staying a fun person to work with.

It doesn’t matter whether you run an online business, a webshop, or are a service provider – this course is suitable for you!

You will keep access to the contents of the mini-training for an unlimited amount of time! 🙌🏼  So you can always come back, and refresh your knowledge whenever desired.

Download the free clickup mini training below ⬇️

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